ClaraPacta spol. s r.o. - History of the company

History of the company

ClaraPacta was established in 1998 by Mr. Radek Štěpán and Mr. Petr Vidner.


  • The main activity of the company is economic and financial advisory.
  • The company started to cooperate with a Moravian company Survit a.s. in the area of accounting advisory.


  • The main projects of the company are focused on economic-logistic software for an important foreign customer, company Asepo s.r.o.
  • The cooperation with several local companies in the area of business and services is developed.
  • The cooperation with the company Shiran General Trade Ltd. in the area of economic and accounting advisory is originated.


  • The number of its clients is extended, especially corporations, in the area of accounting as well as advisory services.


  • The company extends its services to internal and statutory (sc) audits.


  • The cooperation with companies ScandCommerce s.r.o. and Foree-Williams Ltd. in the area of economic and accounting advisory as well as in the area of foreign trade starts.


  • The activities are extending in the area of development of the accounting software CLARIS next to the hardware and software advisory.
  • Mr. Jan Nesměrák joins the company with the focus on the software IT technology development.


  • The company enters the area of culture and starts the cooperation with companies in the Interkoncerts group (now Live Nation).


  • Activities in the area of culture are supported by software advisory and management reporting development as well as data applications for ticketing company Ticketpro a.s.


  • The British company LVMT Business School becomes another important client.
  • The cooperation with Ticketpro a.s. is extended by accounting and financial advisory.


  • The cooperation with Ticketpro a.s. continues especially in the area of management reporting, tax advisory and auditing (sc).


  • The cooperation with Ticketpro a.s. is extended to all Ticketpro group of companies in Europe, North America and Asia. The services are focused mainly on international reporting, international accounting methodic, internal audit, accounting and financial advisory.


  • Continued cooperation with Ticketpro group of companies and company Live Nation Czech Republic s.r.o.


  • The new major client becomes company Grand Exhibitions s.r.o., promoter of great cultural events especially of exhibitions.


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ClaraPacta spol. s r.o.

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tel.: +420 608 983 956